Acrylic Display Riser Step Stand - 9" x 6" - 2 Pack

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EASY TO ASSEMBLE - Acrylic pieces fit together with no tools required. Detailed instructions are included in each box.

HIGH QUALITY - Made from high quality crystal clear acrylic with polished edges. We use 4 mm cast acrylic because it has been proven to be stronger, more durable, and does not turn yellow like some of the cheaper imitations.

STURDY PACKAGING - When it comes to packaging acrylic products, packaging needs to be a top priority. Each piece contains a thick protective film and then packaged in a box to ensure that your acrylic tiered shelf organizer arrives in perfect condition.

MULTIPLE USES - Our acrylic display step stands are perfect for both home and professional use. Use them as a nail polish holder, 3 tier spice rack, action figure display, cologne storage, vendor display, and so much more.

PERFECT GIFT FOR COLLECTORS – Comes in a 2 pack and 3 tiers each. Plenty of room for collectors to display figurines, gemstones, essential oils, and more.

Acrylic Display Riser Step Stand - 9" x 6" - 2 Pack

Customer Reviews

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Almost returned it!

The only reason for 3 stars is because the display came in pieces which were fine but those pieces came covered in paper that you are instructed to remove before assembly. The paper is stuck on and once you get a good handle on it is easy enough to remove but getting a good handle on it is not so easy to do. It takes forever. Literally! The assembly itself minutes; removing the paper lot longer.

Perfect :-)

Goodness these reviews are rife with absurdity and impatient foolsI will tell you now that this product only has good design and consideration implemented in it, moreso than every other acrylic product on the market right now. The protective film is indeed a bit tricky to get off, but if you have fingernails and even the vaguest inkling of patience, then you will be fineand dear god, wouldn't you rather spend a lil extra time assembling a product that is free of physical flaws and defects than pay more for an inferior product that is likely to arrive scratched and damaged in shipping? And even further, I can't believe some of these people are giving 1 star reviews and asking for refunds. Absolutey insane to me.Anyway, I'm delighted with the product and it works wonderfully for my miniature steel models :-) I'll be able to fit more on this stand as I complete them, but I'm glad I've got an extra stand when I need it. Thanks for the great product!

good display

It's a good display stand. I just wish it was a little bit bigger

Acrylic Display Riser Step Stand

I absolutely love these little stands. They are great for displaying my essential oil bottles in my kiosk. Only one problem I had was getting started on pulling the sticky paper off but once I got pass that everything worked out great.Thanks for a great product.

Works for what I need

I bought this to display my shot glass collection, and it works very well for that. It's sturdy, and I'm happy with the way it looks. I would've given it 5 stars, but I found the protective paper next to impossible to remove. I actually ended up giving up on trying to remove it, and just left it on most of the pieces. Because of how I have the risers positioned, this worked out fine. But if you need something clear........